Hymn 103
And now, beloved Lord, Thy soul resigning

1. And now, beloved Lord, Thy soul resigning Into Thy Father’s arms with conscious will, Calmly, with reverend grace, Thy head inclining, The throbbing brow and laboring breast grow still. 2. Freely Thy life Thou yieldest, meekly bending Even to the last beneath our sorrows’ load, Yet strong in death, in perfect peace commending Thy spirit to Thy Father and Thy God. 3. My Saviour, in mine hour of mortal anguish, When earth grows dim, and round me falls the night, O breathe Thy peace, as flesh and spirit languish; At that dread eventide left there be light. 4. To Thy dear Cross turn Thou mine eyes in dying; Lay but my fainting head upon Thy breast; Thine outstretched arms receive my latest sighing; And then, O then, Thine everlasting rest!

Hymn 103 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu