Hymn 108
Sing, my tongue, how glorious battle

1. Sing, my tongue, how glorious battle Glorious victory became; And above the Cross, His trophy, Tell the triumph and the fame; Tell how He, the earth’s Redeemer, By His death for man o’ercame. 2. Thirty years fulfilled among us Perfect life in low estate Born for this, and self-surrendered, To His passion dedicate, On the Cross the Lamb is lifted, For His people immolate. 3. His the nails, the spear, the spitting, Reed and vinegar and gall; From His patient body pierced Blood and water streaming fall; Earth and sea and stars and mankind By that stream are cleansed all. 4. Faithful Cross, above all others, One and only noble Tree, None in foliage, none in blossom, None in fruit compares with thee Sweet the wood and sweet the iron, And thy Load how sweet is He. 5. Unto God be laud and honour; To the Father, to the Son, To the mighty Spirit, glory Ever Three and ever One; Power and glory in the highest While eternal ages run.

Hymn 108 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu