Hymn 112
Dark the day on Calvary’s Cross

1. Dark the day on Calvary’s Cross Where in pain Thou diedst for me, Choosing bitterness and loss, From my sins to set me free. Help me, every passing hour, By Love’s power To live for Thee. 2. Faith and Hope through fear did fail Heaven’s high stars they could not see; Yet even Death could not prevail, Thou didst leave its darksome place; Give me grace To live in Thee. 3. Often we have weary feet, Many a heavy cross have we; Yet Thy sacrifice complete Gives us faith that Thine we be; Through the dark day’s dragging length Give me strength To live to Thee. 4. Saviour, who didst win Love’s crown, Just to pass it on to me, Help me, those in sin bowed down To uplift and bring to Thee, That together we may climb Up through Time To live with Thee.

Hymn 112 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu