Hymn 116
Blest morning, whose first dawning rays

1. Blest morning, whose first dawning rays Beheld the Son of God Arise triumphant from the grave, And leave His dark abode! 2. Wrapt in the silence of the tomb The great Redeemer lay, Till the revolving skies had brought The third, the appointed day. 3. Hell and the grave combined their force To hold our Lord, in vain; Sudden the Conqueror arose, And burst their feeble chain. 4. To Thy great Name, Almighty Lord, We sacred honours pay, And loud hosannas shall proclaim The triumphs of the day. 5. Salvation and immortal praise To our victorious King! Let heaven and earth, and rocks and seas, With glad hosannas ring. 6. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The God whom we adore, Be glory, as it was, and is, And shall be evermore.

Hymn 116 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu