Hymn 124
O sons and daughters let us sing

1. O sons and daughters let us sing! The King of heaven, the glorious King, O’er death today rose triumphing, Alleluia! 2. That Easter morn, at break of day, The faithful women went their way To seek the tomb where Jesus lay. 3. An angel clad in white they see, Who sat, and spake unto the three, ‘Your Lord doth go to Galilee’. 4. That night the apostles met in fear; Amidst them came their Lord most dear, And said, ‘My peace be on all here.’ 5. When Thomas first the tidings heard, He doubted if it were their Lord, Until He came and spake the word; 6. ‘My pierced side, O Thomas, see; Behold My hands, My feet,’ said He, ‘Not faithless, but believing be.’ 7. No longer Thomas then denied; He saw the feet, the hands, the side; ‘Thou art my Lord and God’ he cried. 8. How blest are they who have not seen And yet whose faith had constant been, For they eternal life shall win. 9. On this most holy day of days, To God your hearts and voices raise In laud and jubilee and praise.

Hymn 124 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu