Hymn 127
Jesus, Lord, Redeemer

1. Jesus, Lord, Redeemer, Once for sinners slain, Crucified in weakness, Raised in power, to reign, Dwelling with the Father, Endless in Thy days, Unto Thee be glory, Honour, blessing, praise. 2. Faithful ones, communing, Towards the close of day, Desolate and weary, Met Thee in the way. So, when sun is setting, Come to us, and show All the truth; and in us Make our hearts to glow. 3. In the upper chamber, Where the ten, in fear, Gathered sad and troubled, There Thou didst appear. So. O Lord, this evening, Bid our sorrows cease; Breathing on us, Saviour, Say, I give you peace.

Hymn 127 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu