Hymn 133
Golden harps are sounding

1. Golden harps are sounding, Angel voices ring, Pearly gates are opened, Opened for the King, Christ, the King of Glory, Jesus, King of Love, Is gone up in triumph To His throne above. ‘All His work is ended,’ Joyfully we sing; ‘Jesus hath ascended! Glory to our King!’ 2. He who came to save us, He who bled and died, Now is crowned with glory At His Father’s side, Never more to suffer, Never more to die, Jesus, King of Glory, Is gone up on high. 3. Praying for His children, In that blessed place, Calling them to glory, Sending them His grace, His bright home preparing, Faithful ones, for you, Jesus ever liveth, Ever loveth too.

Hymn 133 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu