Hymn 181
When God of old came down from heaven

1 When God of old came down from heaven, In power and wrath he came' Before His feet the clouds were riven, Half darkness and half flame; 2 But when He came the second time, He came in power and love; softer than gale at morning prime Hoveredd His holy Dove. 3 The fires that rushed on Sinai down In sudden torrents dread, Now gently light, a glorious crown, On every sainted head. 4 And as on Israel's awe-struck ear The voice exceeding loud, The trump, that angels quake to hear, Thrilled from the deep dark cloud; 5 So, when the Spirit of our God Came down His flock to find, A voice from heaven was heard abroad, A rushing mighty wind. 6 It fills the Church of God; it fills The sinful world around; Only in stubborn hearts and wills No place for it is found. 7 Come Lord, come Wisdom, Love, and Power, Open our ears to hear; Let us not miss the accepted hour; Save, Lord, by love or fear.

Hymn 181 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu