Hymn 192
Spirit of Grace, Thou Light of Life

1 Spirit of Grace, Thou Light of Life, Amidst the darkness of the dead! Bright star, whereby through worldly strife, The patient pilgrim still is led, Thou Dayspring in the deepest gloom. Wildered and dark, to Thee I come! 2 Pure Fire of God, burn out my sin, Cleanse all the earthly dross from me; Refine my secret heart within, The golden streams of love set free! Live Thou in me, O Life divine, Until my deepest love be Thine. 3 O Breath from far Eternity, Breathe oer my souls unfertile land; So shall the pine and myrtle-tree, Spring up amidst the desert sand; And where Thy living water flows, My hearts shall blossom as the rose.

Hymn 192 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu