Hymn 193
Holy Spirit, Truth Divine

1. Holy Spirit, Truth Divine, Dawn upon this soul of mine; Word of God, and inward Light, Wake my spirit, clear my sight. 2. Holy Spirit, Love Divine, Glow within this heart of mine; Kindle every high desire, Perish self in Thy pure fire. 3. Holy Spirit, Power Divine, Fill and nerve this will of mine; By Thee may I strongly live, Bravely bear, and nobly strive. 4. Holy Spirit, Right Divine, King within my conscience reign; Be my law, and I shall be Firmly bound, for ever free. 5. Holy Spirit, Peace Divine, Still this restless heart of mine; Speak to calm this tossing sea, Stayed in Thy tranquility. 6. Holy Spirit, Joy Divine, Gladden Thou this heart of mine; In the desert ways I sing, ’Spring, O Well, for ever spring!’

Hymn 193 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu