Hymn 20
God, who made the earth

1. God, who made the earth The air, the sky, the sea, Who gave the light its birth Careth for me. 2. God, who made the grass, The flower, the fruit, the tree, The day and night to pass, Careth for me. 3. God, who made the sun, The moon, the stars, is He Who, when lifeís clouds come on, Careth for me. 4. God, who made all things, On earth, in air, in sea, Who changing seasons brings Careth for me. 5. God, who sent His Son To die on Calvary, he, if I lean on him, Will care for me. 6. When in heavenís bright land, I all His loved ones see, Iíll sing with that blest band, íGod cared for me.í

Hymn 20 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu