Hymn 200
To thee, O God, we render thanks

1 To thee, O God, we render thanks, That thou to us hast given, A light that shineth on our path, A light from heaven; 2 That thou into the hearts of men, Didst breathe thy breath divine, And madíst their lip the source from whence, Flowed words of thine. 3 The words that speak of lives that live, And life beyond the grave, Of him who came that life to give, Those lives to save. 4 Of Him who lowly came as man, To come as man again, On clouds of glory throned on high, As Judge of men. 5 Who lived on earth, on earth who died, To set His servants free, And left this message as their guide, Remember Me. 6 Then teach us humbly so to tread, The path that Saviour trod, That we may ever stand prepared, To meet our God.

Hymn 200 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu