Hymn 209
City of God, how broad and far

1 City of God, how broad and far outspread thy walls sublime! The true thy chartered freemen are of every age and clime: 2 One holy church, one army strong, one steadfast, high intent; one working band, one harvest-song, one King omnipotent. 3 How purely hath thy speech come down from man's primaeval youth! How grandly hath thine empire grown of freedom, love, and truth! 4 How gleam thy watch-fires through the night with never-fainting ray! How rise thy towers, serene and bright, to meet the dawning day! 5 In vain the surge's angry shock, in vain the drifting sands: unharmed upon the eternal Rock the eternal city stands.

Hymn 209 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu