Hymn 214
Through the night of doubt and sorrow

1.Through the night of doubt and sorrow Onward goes the pilgrim band, Singing songs of expectation, Marching to the Promised Land. 2 Clear before us, through the darkness, Gleams and burns the guiding light. Brother clasps the hand of brother, Stepping fearless through the night. 3 One the light of God's own presence, O'er His ransomed people shed, Chasing far the gloom and terror, Brightening all the path we tread; 4 One the object of our journey, One the faith which never tires. One the earnest looking forward, One the hope our God inspires. 5 One the strain the lips of thousands Lift as from the heart of one; One the conflict, one the peril, One their march in God begun; 6 One the gladness of rejoicing On the far eternal shore, Where the one almighty Father Reigns in love forevermore.

Hymn 214 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu