Hymn 217
Fear not, thou faithful Christian flock

1 Fear not, thou faithful Christian flock; God is thy shelter and thy rock; Fear not for thy salvation. Though fierce the foe and dark the night, The Lord of hosts shall be thy might, Christ thine illumination. Arise! Arise! Thy foe defy! Call on the Name of God most high, With heavenly succor arm you! Gainst world and flesh and powers of hell, Now for His honour quit you well. Lo! There is nought can harm you. 2 From drear oblivionís shades ye came, Through idol shrines of earthly shame, From brutish terror saved, Ye, who the chains of tyrants broke, Ye who cast off the priestly yoke, Ye shall not be enslaved, Arise, arise, the foe defy! Call on the name of God most high, That He with might endue you. And Christ, your everlasting priest, In all your conflicts shall assist, From strength to strength renew you.

Hymn 217 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu