Hymn 223
How bright these glorious spirits shine

How bright these glorious spirits shine! Whence all their white array? How came they to the blissful seats Of everlasting day? Lo! these are they from sufferings great Who came to realms of light; And in the blood of Christ have washed Those robes which shine so bright. Now with triumphal palms they stand Before the throne on high, And serve the God they love amidst The glories of the sky. His presence fills each heart with joy, Tunes every mouth to sing: By day, by night, the sacred courts With glad hosannas ring. Hunger and thirst are felt no more, Nor suns with scorching ray; God is their sun, whose cheering beams Diffuse eternal day. The Lamb, which dwells amidst the throne Shall over them still preside, Feed them with nourishment divine, And all their footsteps guide. Mong pastures green Hell lead His flock Where living streams appear; And God the Lord from every eye Shall wipe off every tear.

Hymn 223 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu