Hymn 238
Lord, This Day Thy Children Meet

1. Lord, This Day Thy Children Meet, In Thy Courts With Willing Feet; Unto Thee This Day They Raise Grateful Hearts In Hymns Of Praise. 2. Not Alone The Day Or Rest With Thy Worship Shall Be Blest; In Our Pleasure And Our Glee, Lord, We Would Remember Thee. 3. Help Us Unto Thee to pray, Hallowing our happy day From Thy presence thus to win Hearts all pure and free from sin. 4. All our pleasures here below, Saviour, from Thy mercy flow; Little children Thou dost love; Draw our hearts to Thee above. 5. Make, O Lord, our childhood shine With all lowly grace, like Thine; Then through all eternity We shall live in heaven with Thee.

Hymn 238 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu