Hymn 240
God of pity, God of grace

1 God of pity, God of grace, When we humbly seek thy face, Bend from heav'n, thy dwelling-place; Hear, forgive, and save. 2 When we in thy temple meet, Spread our wants before thy feet, Pleading at thy mercy-seat, Look from heav'n and save. 3 When thy love our hearts shall fill, And we long to do thy will, Turning to thy holy hill, Lord, accept and save. 4 Should we wander from thy fold, And our love to thee grow cold, With a pitying eye behold; Lord, forgive and save. 5 Should the hand of sorrow press, Earthly care and want distress, May our souls thy peace possess; Jesus, hear and save. 6 And, whate'er our cry may be, When we lift our hearts to thee, From our burden set us free; Hear, forgive, and save.

Hymn 240 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu