Hymn 243
Father, again in Jesusí Name we meet

1. Father, again in Jesusí Name we meet And bow in penitence before Thy feet; Again to Thee our feeble voices raise, To sue for mercy, and to sing Thy praise. 2. O we would bless thee for Thy ceaseless care, And all Thy work from day to day declare; Is not our life with hourly mercies crowned? Does not Thine arm encircle us around? 3. Alas! Unworthy of Thy boundless love, Too oft our feet from Thee, our Father, rove; But now, encouraged by Thy voice, we come, Returning sinners, to a Fatherís home. 4. O by that Name in whom all fullness dwells, O by that love which every love excels, O by that blood so freely shed for sin, Open blest mercyís gate, and take us in

Hymn 243 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu