Hymn 262
Jesus, Sun of righteousness

Jesus, Sun of righteousness, brightest beam of love divine, with the early morning rays do thou on our darkness shine, and dispel with purest light all our night. As on drooping herb and flower falls the soft refreshing dew, let thy Spirit's grace and power all our weary souls renew; showers of blessing over all softly fall. Like the sun's reviving ray, may thy love with tender glow all our coldness melt away, warm and cheer us forth to go, gladly serve thee and obey all the day. O our only Hope and Guide, never leave us nor forsake; keep us ever at thy side till the eternal morning break; moving on to Zion's hill, homeward still. Lead us all our days and years in thy straight and narrow way; lead us through the vale of tears to the land of perfect day, where thy people, fully blest, safely rest.

Hymn 262 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu