Hymn 264
O Lord of life, Thy quickening voice

1 O Lord of life, Thy quickening voice Awakes my morning song; In gladsome words I would rejoice That I to Thee belong. 2 I see Thy light, I feel Thy wind, The world, it is Thy word; Whatever wakes my heart and mind, Thy presence is, my Lord. 3 Therefore, I choose my highest part, And turn my face to Thee; Therefore, I stir my inmost heart To worship fervently. 4 Lord, let me live and will this day, Keep rising from the dead, Lord make my spirit good and gay, Give me my daily bread 5 Within my heart, speak, Lord, speak on, My heart alive to keep Till comes the night, and, labour done, In Thee I fall asleep.

Hymn 264 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu