Hymn 269
Hail! sacred day of earthly rest

Hail! sacred day of earthly rest, From toil and trouble free: Hail! day of light, that bringest light And joy to me. A holy stillness, breathing calm On all the world around, Uplifts my soul, O God, to Thee, Where rest is found. On all I think, or say, or do, A ray of light divine Is shed, O God, this day by Thee, For it is Thine. No sound of jarring strife is heard, As weekly labors cease; No voice, but those that sweetly sing Sweet songs of peace. For those who sing with saints below Glad songs of heavenly love, Shall sing—when songs on earth have ceased— With saints above. Accept, O God, my hymn of praise, That Thou, this day, hast given Sweet foretaste of that endless day Of rest in Heaven.

Hymn 269 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu