Hymn 270
The darkness now is over

1 The darkness now is over, And all the world is bright; Praise be to Christ, who keepeth His children safe at night! 2 We cannot tell what gladness May be our lot today, What sorrow or temptation May meet us on our way. 3 But this we know most surely, That, through all good or ill, God's grace can always help us To do His holy will. 4 Then, Jesus, let the angels, Who watched us through the night, Be all day long beside us To guide our steps aright. 5 And help us to remember In thought and deed and word That we are heirs of Heaven And children of the Lord. 6 Then, when the evening cometh, We'll kneel again to pray, And thank Thee for the blessings Bestowed throughout the day.

Hymn 270 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu