Hymn 271
Before the day draws near its ending

Before the day draws near its ending, and evening steals o'er earth and sky, once more to thee our hymns ascending shall speak thy praises, Lord Most High. Thy Name is blessed by countless numbers in vaster worlds unseen, unknown, whose duteous service never slumbers, in perfect love and faultless tone. Yet thou wilt not despise the weakest who here in spirit bend the knee; thy Christ hath said, 'Thou, Father, seekest for such as these to worship thee.' And through the swell of chanting voices, the blended notes of age and youth, thine ear discerns, thy love rejoices, when hearts rise up to thee in truth. O Light all clear, O truth most holy, O boundless Mercy pardoning all, before thy feet, abashed and lowly, with fervent prayer thy children fall:- When we no more on earth adore thee, and others worship here in turn, O may we sing that song before thee, which none but thy redeemed can learn.

Hymn 271 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu