Hymn 272
The sun is sinking fast

1. The sun is sinking fast, The daylight dies Let love awake and pay Her evening sacrifice. 2. As Christ upon the Cross His head inclined, And to His Father’s hands His parting soul resigned. 3. So now herself my soul Would wholly give Into His sacred charge In whom all spirits live. 4. So now beneath His eye Would calmly rest Without a wish or thought Abiding in the breast. 5. Save that His will be done, Whate’er betide, Dead to herself, and dead In Him to all beside. 6. Thus would I live; yet now Not I, but He In all His power and love Henceforth alive in me. 7. One sacred Trinity One Lord Divine, Myself for ever His And He for ever mine.

Hymn 272 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu