Hymn 273
The sun declines; oer land and sea

1 The sun declines; oer land and sea Creeps on the night; The twinkling stars come one by one To shed their light; With Thee there is no darkness, Lord; With us abide, And neath Thy wings we rest secure This eventide. 2 Forgive the wrong this day weve done, Or thought, or said; Each moment with its good or ill To Thee has fled; O Father, in Thy mercy great Will we confide; Thy benediction now bestow This eventide. 3 And when with morning light we rise, kept by thy care, Well lift to thee with grateful hearts, Our morning prayers, Be thou through life our strength and stay, Our Guard and Guide, To that dear home where there will be No eventide.

Hymn 273 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu