Hymn 276
As darker, darker, fall around

1. As darker, darker, fall around The shadows of the night, We gather here with hymn and prayer, To seek the eternal light. 2. Father in Heaven, to Thee are known Our many hopes and fears, Our heavy weight of mortal toil, Our bitterness of tears. 3. We pray Thee for our absent ones, Who have been with us here: And in our secret heart we name The distant and the dear. 4. For weary eyes, and aching hearts, And feet that from Thee rove, The sick, the poor, the tired, the fallen, We pray Thee, God of love. 5. We bring to Thee our hopes and fears And at Thy footstool lay; And, Father, Thou who lovest all Wilt hear us as we pray.

Hymn 276 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu