Hymn 28
A Gladsome hymn of praise we sing

1. A Gladsome hymn of praise we sing, And thankfully we gather To bless the love of God above, Our everlasting Father. 2. In Him rejoice with heart and voice, Whose glory fadeth never, Whose providence is our defence, Who lives and loves for ever. 3. Full in His sight His children stand, By His strong arm defended, And He whose wisdom guides the world, Our footsteps hath attended. 4. For nothing falls unknown to Him, Or care or joy or sorrow, And He whose mercy ruled the past Will be our stay to-morrow. 5. Then praise the Lord with one accord; To His great Name give glory, And of His never–changing love, Repeat the wondrous story.

Hymn 28 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu