Hymn 283
Father, in high heaven dwelling

1 Father, in high heaven dwelling May our evening song be telling Of Thy mercy large and free. Through the day Thy love has fed us, Through the day Thy care has led With divinest charity. 2 This day's sins, O pardon, Saviour, Evil thoughts, perverse behaviour, Envy, pride, and vanity; From the world, the flesh, deliver, Save us now, and save us ever, O Thou Lamb of Calvary! 3 From enticements of the devil, From the might of spirits evil, Be our shield and panoply; Let Thy power this night defend us, And a heavenly peace attend us, And angelic company. 4 Whilst the night-dews are distilling, Holy Ghost each heart be filling With Thine own serenity; Softly let the eyes be closing, Loving souls on Thee reposing, Ever blessed Trinity.

Hymn 283 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu