Hymn 294
Ere I sleep, for every favor

1 Ere I sleep, for every favor, This day showed, by my God, I will bless my Savior. 2 O my Lord, what shall I render To Thy name, still the same, Gracious, good, and tender? 3 Thou hast ordered all’n.y goings , In thy way, Heard me pray Sanctified my doing. 4 Leave me not, but ever love me; Let Thy peace, be my bliss, Till Thou hence remove me. 5 Visit me with thy salvation; Let thy care now be near, Round my habitation. 6 Thou my Rock, my Guard, my Tower, Safely keep, While I sleep, Me with all thy power. 7 So, whene’er in death I slumber, Let me rise, With the wise, Counted in their number.

Hymn 294 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu