Hymn 296
And now the wants are told, that brought

1 And now the wants are told, that brought Thy children to Thy knee; Here lingering still, we ask for naught, But simply worship Thee. 2 For Thou art God, the One, the Same, Oer all things high and bright; And round us, when we speak Thy name, There spreads a heaven of light. 3 O wondrous peace, in thought to dwell On excellence divine; To know that naught in man can tell How fair Thy beauties shine! 4 O Thou, above all blessing blest, Oer thanks exalted far, Thy very greatness is a rest To weaklings as we are. 5 For when we feel the praise of Thee A task beyond our powers, We say, A perfect God is He, And He is fully ours. 6 All glory to the Father be, All glory to the Son, All glory, Holy Ghost, to Thee, While endless ages run.

Hymn 296 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu