Hymn 307
Blessed Jesus, here we stand

1 Blessed Jesus, here we stand Met to do as thou hast spoke And this child at Thy command Now we bring to thee in token That to Christ it here is given For of such shall be His heaven. 2 Therefore hasten we to Thee Take the pledge we bring , O take Let us here Thy glory see And in tender pity make it Now Thy child and leave never Thine on earth, and thine for ever. 3 Make it, Head, thy member now Shepherd, take Thy lamb and feed it Prince of peace, its peace be thou Way of life, to heaven O lead it Vine, this branch may nothing sever Grafted firm in Thee for ever. 4 Now upon Thy heart it lies What our hearts so dearly treasure Heavenward lead our burden sighs Pour Thy blessing without measure. Write the name we now have given Write it in the book of heaven.

Hymn 307 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu