Hymn 310
Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd

1 Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd Little ones are dear to Thee Gathered with Thine arms and carried In Thy bosom, may they be Sweetly, fondly, safely tended From all want and danger free. 2 Tender Shepherd, never leave them From Thy fold to go astray By Thy look of love directed May they walk the narrow way Thus direct them and protect them Lest they fall an easy prey. 3 Let Thy holy word instruct them Fill their minds with heavenly light Let Thy love and grace constrain them To approve whate’er is right Take Thine easy yoke and wear it And to prove Thy burden light. 4 Taught to lisp the holy praises Which on earth thy children sing Both with lips and hearts unfeigned Glad thank-offerings may they bring Then, with all the saints in glory Join to praise their Lord and King.

Hymn 310 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu