Hymn 324
Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness

1 Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness, leave the gloomy haunts of sadness; come into the daylight's splendour, there with joy thy praises render unto him whose grace unbounded hath this wondrous banquet founded: high o'er all the heavens he reigneth, yet to dwell with thee he deigneth. 2 Hasten as a bride to meet Him, And with loving reverence greet Him, For with words of life immortal, Now He knocketh at thy portal, Haste to ope the gates before Him, Saying while thou dost adore Him, Suffer Lord that I receive Thee, And I never more will leave Thee. 3 Sun, who all my life dost brighten, light, who dost my soul enlighten, joy, the sweetest heart e'er knoweth, fount, whence all my being floweth, at thy feet I cry, my Maker, let me be a fit partaker of this blessed food from heaven, for our good, thy glory, given. 4 Jesus, Bread of Life, I pray thee, let me gladly here obey thee; never to my hurt invited, be thy love with love requited: from this banquet let me measure, Lord, how vast and deep its treasure; through the gifts thou here dost give me, as thy guest in heaven receive me.

Hymn 324 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu