Hymn 334
O Thou who makest souls to shine

1 O Thou who makest souls to shine With light from brighter worlds above, Now send Thy glistening dew divine On all who seek a Saviour's love. 2 Do Thou Thy benediction give On all who teach, on all who learn, That all Thy Church may holier live, And every lamp more brightly burn. 3 Give those that teach pure hearts and wise, Faith, hope, and love, all warmed by prayer; Themselves first training for the skies, They best will raise their people there. 4 Give those that learn the willing ear, The spirit meek the guileless mind, Such gifts will make the lowliest here, Far better than a kingdom find. 5 O bless the shepherd, bless the sheep, That guide and guided both be oneó One in the faithful watch they keep, Until this hurrying life be done. 6 If thus, good Lord thy grace be given Our glory meets us ere we die; Before we upward pass to heaven We taste our immortality.

Hymn 334 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu