Hymn 336
Shine Thou upon us, Lord

1. Shine Thou upon us, Lord,, True Light of man, today, And through the written word Thy very self display; That so, from hearts which burn With gazing on Thy face, Thy little ones may learn The wonders of Thy grace. 2. Breaths Thou upon us, Lord, Thy Spirit’s living flame, That so, with one accord, Our lips may tell Thy Name; Give Thou the hearing ear, Fix Thou the wandering thought, That those we teach may hear The great things Thou hast wrought. 3. Speak Thou for us, O Lord, In all we say of Thee; According to Thy word Let all our teaching be; That so, Thy lambs may know Their own true Shepherd’s voice Where’er He leads them go, And in His love rejoice. 4. Live Thou within us, Lord; Thy mind and will be ours; Be Thou beloved adored, And served with all our powers; That so, our lives may teach Thy children what Thou art, And plead, by more than speech, For Thee, with every hearts.

Hymn 336 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu