Hymn 340
Look from Thy sphere of endless day

1. Look from Thy sphere of endless day, O God of mercy and of might! In pity look on those who stray Benighted in this land of light. 2. In peopled vale, in lonely glen, In crowded mart, by stream or sea, How many of the sons of men Hear not the message sent from Thee! 3. Send forth Thy heralds, Lord, to call The thoughtless young, the hardened old, A scattered, homeless flock, till all Be gathered to Thy peaceful fold. 4. Send them Thy mighty Word to speak Till faith shall dawn and doubt depart, To awe the bold, to stay the weak, And bind and heal the broken heart. 5. Then all these wastes, a dreary scene That makes us sadden as we gaze, Shall grow with living waters green And lift to heaven the voice of praise.

Hymn 340 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu