Hymn 342
Bowed low in supplication

1 Bowed low in supplication, we come, O Lord, to thee; thy grace alone can save us; to thee alone we flee. 2 We come for this our parish thy mercy to implore; on church and homes and people, O Lord, thy blessing pour. 3 Blot out our sins, O Father; forgive the guilty past; loose from their chains the captives whom Satan holdeth fast. 4 Wake up the slumbering conscience to listen to thy call; the weak and wavering strengthen, and raise up them that fall. 5 Our crying sin drive from us, With Thy chastising rod, That we may be a people, Fearing and loving God. 6 O be thy house, Lord, hallowed, and hallowed be thy day; let sin-stained souls find pardon, and learn to love and pray. 7 With heavenly food supported, O be they firm and strong to follow all things holy, to flee from all things wrong. 8 Lord, banish strife and variance; knit sundered hearts in one; and bind us all together in love to thy dear Son.

Hymn 342 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu