Hymn 348
O Thou before Whose presence

1 O Thou before Whose presence Nought evil may come in, Yet Who dost look in mercy Down on this world of sin; O give us noble purpose To set the sin-bound free, And Christ-like, tender pity, To seek the lost for Thee. 2 Fierce is our subtle foeman; The forces at his hand With woes that none can number Despoil the pleasant land; All they who war against them, In strife so keen and long, Must in their Savior's armor Be stronger than the strong. 3 So hast Thou wrought among us The great things that we see; For things that are we thank Thee, And for the things to be; For bright hope is uplifting Faint hands and feeble knees, To strive beneath Thy blessing For greater things than these. 4 Lead on, O love and mercy, O purity and power, Lead on till peace eternal Shall close this battle-hour; Till all who prayed and struggled To set their brethren free In triumph meet to praise Thee, Most Holy Trinity.

Hymn 348 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu