Hymn 355
O Lord of life, and love, and power

O Lord of life, and love, and power, How joyful life might be, If in Thy service every hour We lived and moved with Thee; If youth in all its bloom and might By Thee were sanctified, And manhood found its chief delight In working at Thy side! ’Tis ne’er too late, while life shall last, A new life to begin; ’Tis ne’er too late to leave the past, And break with self and sin; And we this day, both old and young, Would earnestly aspire For hearts to nobler purpose strung, And purified desire. Nor for ourselves alone we plead, But for all faithful souls Who serve Thy cause by word or deed, Whose names Thy book enrolls: O speed Thy work, victorious King, And give Thy workers might, That thro’ the world Thy truth may ring, And all men see Thy light.

Hymn 355 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu