Hymn 361
Dear Master, what can children do

1 Dear Master, what can children do? The angels came from heaven above To comfort Thee; may children too, Give Thee their love? 2 No more, as on that night of shame, Art Thou in dark Gethsemane, Where worshipping, an angel came To strengthen Thee. 3 But Thou hast taught us that Thou art, Still present in the crowded street, In every lonely, suffering heart, That there we meet; 4 And not one simple, loving deed, That lessens gloom, or lightens pain, Or answers some unspoken need, Is done in vain; 5 Since every passing joy we make, For men and women that we see, If it is offered for thy sake, Is given to Thee. 6 O God, our master, help us then To bless the weary and the sad, And, comforting our fellow men, To make thee glad.

Hymn 361 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu