Hymn 37
Above the clear blue sky

1. Above the clear blue sky, In heaven’s bright abode, The angel host on high Sing praises to their God, Hallelujah! They love to sing To God their King, ‘Hallelujah!’ 2. But God from children’s tongues On earth receiveth praise; We then our cheerful songs In sweet accord will raise, Hallelujah! We too will sing To God our King, ‘Hallelujah!’ 3. O blessed Lord, Thy truth In love to us impart, And teach us in our youth To know Thee as Thou art, Hallelujah! Then shall we sing To God our King, ‘Hallelujah!’ 4. O may Thy holy word Spread all the world around; All then with one accord Uplift the joyful sound, Hallelujah! All then shall sing To God their King ‘Hallelujah!’

Hymn 37 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu