Hymn 377
Wake, Spirit, who in times now olden

1 Wake, Spirit, who in times now olden Didst fire the watchmen of the church’s youth And ‘gainst their every foe embolden To witness day and night the eternal truth Whose voices through the world are ringing still And bringing hosts to know and do Thy will. 2 Soon may that fire from heaven be lent us That swift from land to land its flame may leap! Soon, Lord, that priceless boon be sent us, Of faithful servants, fit for Thee to reap The harvest of the soul, look down and view How great the harvest, but the labourers few. 3 Lord, to our earnest prayer now hearken The prayer we offer at Thy Son’s command For, Lo! While storms around us darken Thy children’s hearts are stirred in every land To cry for help, with fervent soul, to Thee O hear us, lord, and speak; Thus let it be. 4 O speedily that help be granted! Send forth evangelists, in spirit strong Armed with Thy word, a host undaunted Bold to attack the rule of ancient wrong And let them all the earth for Thee reclaim To be Thy Kingdom and to know Thy Name!

Hymn 377 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu