Hymn 378
Lord, her watch Thy Church is keeping

1 Lord, her watch Thy Church is keeping: When shall earth Thy rule obey? When shall end the night of weeping? When shall break the promised day? See the whitening harvest languish, Waiting still the laborers' toil; Was it vain, Thy Son's deep anguish? Shall the Strong retain the spoil? 2 Tidings, sent to every creature, Millions yet have never heard: Can they hear without a preacher? Lord almighty, give the word! Give the word! in every nation Let the gospel trumpet sound, Witnessing a world's salvation, To the earth's remotest bound. 3 Then the end! Thy Church completed, All Thy chosen gathered in, With their King in glory seated, Satan bound, and banished sin; Gone for ever parting, weeping, Hunger, sorrow, death, and pain; Lo! her watch Thy Church is keeping; Come, Lord Jesus, come to reign!

Hymn 378 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu