Hymn 381
LIGHT of the lonely pilgrimís heart

1 LIGHT of the lonely pilgrimís heart, The star of the coming day, Arise, and with thy morning beams Chase all our griefs away. 2 Come, blessŤd Lord, bid every shore And answering island sing The praises of thy royal name, And own thee as their king. 3 Bid the whole earth, responsive now To that bright world above, Break forth in rapturous strains of joy In memory of thy love. 4 Lord, Lord, thy fair creation groans, The air, the earth, the sea, In unison with all our hearts, And calls aloud for thee. 5 Thine was the cross, with all its fruits Of grace and peace divine; And thine the crown of glory now, The palm of victory thine

Hymn 381 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu