Hymn 391
Are you weary, are you languid

1 Are you weary, are you languid, are you sore distressed? "Come to me," says One, "and, coming, be at rest." 2 Has he marks to lead me to him, if he be my Guide? "In his feet and hands are wound-prints, and his side." 3 Is there diadem, as Monarch, that his brow adorns? "Yes, a crown, in very surety, but of thorns." 4 If I find him, if I follow, what his promise here? "Many a sorrow, many a labor, many a tear." 5 If I still hold closely to him, what has he at last? "Sorrow vanquished, labor ended, Jordan passed." 6 If I ask him to receive me, will he say me nay? "Not till earth and not till heaven pass away." 7 Finding, following, keeping, struggling, is he sure to bless? "Angels, martyrs, Saints and prophets answer yes."

Hymn 391 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu