Hymn 396
The King of Glory standeth

1 The King of Glory standeth Beside the heart of sin; His mighty voice commandeth The raging waves within; The floods of deepest anguish Roll backward at His will, As o'er the storm ariseth His mandate, "Peace, be still." 2 At times, with sudden glory, He speaks, and all is done; Without one stroke of battle The victory is won, While we, with joy beholding, Can scarce believe it true That e'en our kingly Jesus Can form such hearts anew. 3 O Christ, Thy love is mighty; Long-suffering is Thy grace; And glorious is the splendor That beameth from Thy face. Our hearts up-leap in gladness When we behold that love, As we go singing onward, To dwell with Thee above.

Hymn 396 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu