Hymn 404
Lord, Thy mercy now entreating

1. Lord, Thy mercy now entreating, Low before Thy throne we fall; Our misdeeds to Thee confessing, On Thy name we humbly call. 2. Sinful thought and words unloving, Rise against us one by one; Acts unworthy, deeds unthinking, Good that we have left undone. 3. Hearts that far from Thee were straying, While in prayer we bowed the knee; Lips that, while Thy praises sounding, Lifted not the soul to Thee. 4. Precious moments idly wasted, Precious hours in folly spent; Christian vow and fight unheeded; Scarce a thought to wisdom lent. 5. Lord, Thy mercy still entreating, We with shame our sin would own; From henceforth, the time redeeming, May we live to Thee alone. 6 Heavenly Father, bless Thy children, Hearken from Thy throne on high, Loving Saviour, Holy Spirit, Hear and heed our humble cry.

Hymn 404 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu