Hymn 421
Jesus! The very thought is sweet

1 Jesus! The very thought is sweet, In that dear Name all heart-joys But sweeter than the honey far The glimpses of His presence are. 2 No word is sung more sweet than this No name is heard more full of bliss No thought brings sweeter comfort nigh Than Jesus, Son of God most high. 3 Jesus, Thou sweetness pure and blest, Truth’s fountain, Light of souls Surpassing all that heart requires Exceeding all that soul desires! 4 No tongue of mortal can express No pen can write the blessedness He only who hath proved it knows What bliss from love for Jesus flows. 5 Jesus, the hope of souls forlorn, How good to them for sin that mourn! To them that seek Thee, o how kind! But what art thou to them that find! 6 We follow Jesus now, and raise The voice of prayer, the hymn of praise That He at last may make us meet With Him to gain the heavenly seat.

Hymn 421 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu