Hymn 447
Come, we that love the Lord

1 Come, we that love the Lord, and let our joys be known; join in a song with sweet accord, and thus surround the throne. 2 Let those refuse to sing who never knew our God; but children of the heavenly King may speak their joys abroad. 3 The men of grace have found, Glory begun below, Celestial fruits on earthly ground, From faith and hope may grow. 4 The hill of Zion yields a thousand sacred sweets before we reach the heavenly fields, or walk the golden streets. 5 There shall we see His face, And never, never sin, There from the rivers of His grace, Drink endless pleasures in. 6 Then let our songs abound, and every tear be dry; we're marching through Emmanuel's ground to fairer worlds on high.

Hymn 447 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu